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Tomorrow’s Haptics, Today

Imagine entire walls, furniture, doors, and more brought to life with boundless functionality.

At Haptic, we transform ordinary surfaces that already exist around you into powerful and accessible control interfaces.


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In the Field

Workers in the field need easy communication.

Sending signals through screens, buttons, or switches is impractical while wearing thick gloves or carrying large items, and voices are easily drowned-out by noise or distance.

Field-embedded controls, powered by our Haptic solutions, enable workers to easily send specific signals using gloved hands, elbows, or even legs.


Our connected world should be within reach of everyone, including people with limited mobility/vision/hearing, or those who are non-verbal.

With entire walls transformed into light switches, hospital beds into call buttons, and shower glass into distress signal systems, the Haptic Engine can power the possible.

Embedded Solutions

Haptic Inside enables embedding of our technology within fabricated materials including particle board, plastics, and composite synthetic materials.

Whether in furniture, Kitchen & Bath fixtures, commercial and residential construction, or even automobiles, the physical world that surrounds us can be augmented with powerful haptic control.


Touch is core to the human experience.

With our Haptic-powered consumer and business devices deployed to physical surfaces globally, we’re enabling people to touch their connected world, through their world.

Our devices also stream anonymized sensor data to our cloud for ongoing optimization of our Haptic Engine.

The Haptic Cloud

Similar to picking a voice out from a crowd, ordinary surfaces in our environment are exposed to vibrational “noise” that can be filtered out to detect deliberate gestures.

Leading voice control platforms by Amazon, Google, and Apple already leverage machine learning to quickly identify voice commands while filtering out ambient noise.

However, we are the first and only platform to take this approach with haptic gestures.

With our patented and first-to-market global deployment of surface-based control interfaces, we are solely positioned to build the world’s only Haptic Cloud – a gesture recognition engine powered by deep learning.

We envision a future where light-switches are replaced by functional walls, patrons at restaurants call their servers to the table through the table, and the furniture you buy includes companion apps enabling that desk or coffee table to actively do things for you.


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